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WordPress – Edits/ Design – On Demand


We will help design or edit what your WordPress website needs to exceed to the greatest rather its Setup/Edit/Help

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Do you like to depend on yourself so you set up your own WordPress website but need extra help?
Do you need help setting up a plugin? Do you need to spice it up a little?
Then this session is just for your book now

We will help design or edit what your WordPress website needs to exceed to the greatest rather than its


– Edit

– Help to add a plugin

– Consulting

– Testing

During the time you booked, you will pick which part you want our team to help

This Session will be for 180 Minutes plus 2 breaks of 15 minutes a total of three and half hours

How does it work?
  1. Select the time that best fits you
  2. Pay Online
  3. Send us the needed documents and files
  4. Come to our agency and site with a team member

Basic Terms
  1. Your attendance is a must!
  2. This session is at AdvertiseUp Agency
  3. If you are not sure about your needs please book a free analysis session first
  4. Please send all requests before the session and have all plugins you that need to be uploaded
  5. Any payment is done for a third party: It can be done through your or through the customer using their credit cards.
  6. If the payment will be done by us, there will be 20% interest.
  7. If you prefer that the payment be done through us, please notify us before
  8. AdvertiseUp already has bought their own temple designs and this and only this is included in the price. This is a privilege, not a given right
  9. Please write in the notes in the checkout all the details you want to do in the session
  10. Please note that this session is only an hour and a half. The result of this session depends on you and you only and the agency will NOT guarantee any result


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