1. Access Credentials:
    • Provide access to the website server and admin panels to facilitate edits and set up.
  2. Payment Procedure:
    • Any payment for third-party services can be executed in two ways:
      • Through you using your credit card.
      • Through AdvertiseUp, with an associated 20% interest if AdvertiseUp handles the payment.
  3. Assessment Session:
    • The customer has the right to request an assessment session to evaluate the feasibility of the required actions.
    • This assessment session will be free of charge.
    • If the customer proceeds to book a paid session, a team member may declare it as the assessment, and a coupon will be issued for the customer to book another session for edits.
    • In the event that the team declares the inability to deliver, a full refund will be issued.
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Advertiseup Is a Marketing Agency dedicated to helping Startups and SMEs with their marketing and business development 

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