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First Ramadan at work

As students Ramadan was certainly different and last year’s was…. How to describe it???

It was unique.

But what about those fresh grads? The ones that are spending their first Ramadan during work? Let me take you on a fresh grad Ramadan rollercoaster.

We all know that Ramadan is a holy month and you try your best to be closer to Allah and be a better human being. However, that doesn’t apply quite well with those who are used to spend their Ramadans upside down. Those who spend the days sleeping and wake up just before athan to break their fast and start the day. Those are the ones that truly suffer during their first working Ramadan. They need to coop with the fact that you will no longer stay awake till you see the sun rise because you have to wake up early to reach your work. The struggle goes on with the nonstop cut sleep habit. You wake up early for work go bac home and stay awake till iftar then you fool yourself thinking that will sleep till sohour but you end up not doing this. Then you start falling asleep half an hour before fajr and you wake up to pray to go back to sleep and get up early in the morning to catch work.

Hold on freshie, what is this grumpy face you are giving your colleagues at work? It is not their problem that you have a messy sleeping schedule you know.

Wait… you are partners I am kidding they will have to deal with this grumpy cutie fresh grad until you can go back to sleep.

The work struggle starts with the grumpy face and goes on to the “ I cannot function well struggle”. It is when you understand less, function less and move less. We all find ourselves walking like zombies with the speed of a turtle and the IQ of an oompa Loompa. Not to ignore the fact that the struggle goes on with the fact that the work needs to be done and you don’t have the energy to finish it you are either sleepy in the morning or heavy in the evening to handle all of this AND YOU ARE STILL A YOUNG SOUL FOR ALL THIS ADULTS HASTLE.

The rollercoaster goes way up when you start having those terrible headaches specially if you are a coffee/nicotine person and OMG if you are both your struggle is real, we feel you. You start being very high tempered and everything seems just very irritating and you hold the attitude of so wake me up when it is all over, wake me up on iftar.

This rollercoaster goes insane when you leave work and head home when everyone in the country does on the same time and you are driving. IT IS A HUGE MESS. You start having fights with random people and for no damn reason and you end up fighting with your phone cable that is already plugged in, but you are just not convinced it is.

This rollercoaster just stops when you meet your loved bed and get the sweetest cuddle from your cochins and you get a deep sleep and your mom wakes you up before iftar.

You get to sleep now little pumpkin and we will wake you up when this nightmare called work in Ramadan is over.

Sweet dreams little baby.