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Tips and Tricks On How To Survive As a Fresh Grad

1.How to survive your first interview?


How will you present yourself? You should be well prepared to answer this question because through this question the hirers try to detect how you have structured your professional as well as academic path.

At least 10 things to know about the company and try if it is possible to collect data on the person (s) who will conduct the interview.

We can ask you a question such as what are your areas for improvement. This is a variation of the question on the qualities and defects of the candidate. Be well prepared.

Take your time to prepare for your interview.

Prepare your pitch, practice speaking.


2.How to impress your interviewer?


Recruiters need to find a match between the job offer and the candidate’s motivation levers. Show your motivation.

Talk about a situation, an obstacle that you have been able to overcome. It can be personal or professional feedback.

Think about a criticism we can make on you. We can see your ability to self-assess, your maturity.


3.How to write an interesting CV for a marketing agency?


Synthetic content. A clear CV at first glance.

Insert a professional photo. Help the recruiter to visualize you.

Your skills are well presented in the cover letter and your qualities will be assessed during the interview. Thus, in the CV, it is preferable to present key words (to think about these key words which are in coherence with the characteristics related to the position). In addition, these keywords will increase the visibility of your CV, especially if the filtration is based on software.

A catch one or two sentences maximum that shows your relevance to the post.

Enhance, highlight your professional experiences. For each experience or internship, present your mission in one sentence at the beginning, then list your tasks and responsibilities in a clear and synthetic way.


4.Is your CV enough?


When applying for jobs such as graphic designer, content creator or copywriter, you should include with your CV a portfolio of your writings/designs/campaigns.

In addition, you should strongly attach your LinkedIn account link to your CV so that the recruiters have a visual access to your experiences.


5.What jobs to apply for?


When applying to jobs at a marketing agency you should know the vacancies, you are applying for and their job description.

First you have the graphic designer, he is the man behind all the created designs, logos, banners, characters and photos.

Secondly, the content creator, he is the person behind all the madness the mastermind behind all the campaigns and the trends that go viral.

Thirdly the copywriter, he is the pen, the words, the one that writes all the content for the campaigns, the posts, statements and everything related to writing.


6.How to overcome rejection for a creative content job?


To overcome rejection in all types of jobs you must be prepared for such a scenario. But keep in mind that it’s not the end of the world.

The most disappointed are the most motivated and they sometimes confuse their interest in a position with the profile really expected by the recruiters. You must reflect on this point.

Ask for explanations if possible. Why I had been rejected? If it’s not possible, take a step back, then think and analyze the situation (the positive and the negative sides).

  • What went well?
  • What could I have done differently?
  • Could I have better prepared my presentation?
  • Could I have done more to bond with the recruiter (s)?
  • Have I focused too much on my technical skills to the detriment of my interpersonal skills?
  • What questions could I have answered better?

Such tips will help you to overcome this state. Thus, you will be able to prepare the next step or a well development plan.

For creative content jobs never doubt your abilities and never think you are not good enough. Some of these jobs require pure talent and a little criterion for what the recruiters need. Getting rejected doesn’t mean you are less talented, or you are not good enough. It means that you need to work more on yourself and keep fighting for it. It means you need to believe you can make it and you can do it. Put a development plan and work upon it, keep applying for jobs and improve your skills. It is a game of persistence and improvement.

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