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Why not? Let me Just Start

Everyone keeps telling stories about how they still remember the moment that they said “Let’s do it” or “I’m going to do it; I’m going to start my startup”. The truth is for me; I kind of don’t really remember that it came that way at all. It has been a year since AdvertiseUp opened for business and I still can’t quite put my hands on that moment. All I remember is that I said to myself “Why not, let me just start?”. You see what people keep telling you about how it should, Or How it should feel…. Well sorry to say that most of them aren’t true. Being an entrepreneur is an adventure like nothing I have ever experienced in my life. No matter how much I try to explain or say it still won’t be enough.

When you first start your company everything is just a dream come true. It was mid-October 2016 when I started to go shopping for my office. Buying everything from desks, chairs, laptops …. You name it. It was one of happiest times of my life. It was becoming real & my dream is no longer on paper but in every way a reality. It was like I wanted to dance & sing in the streets. You see AdvertiseUp wasn’t my first startup. The previous Startups never went threw. There were always problems with investors and partners. So to see AdvertiseUp come to life it was truly amazing and so were the first few months. Everything was new and exciting and all the problems seemed millions of miles away.

After a few months’ things started to change. I felt the passion that was once in me is gone. I felt that everything just became more stress. I felt like I was running away from failure and if I just slowed down failure would catch up. You see the fact is no matter how much you prepare for it your never really prepared. The Market is a very dynamic place. You can’t quite know what’s going to happen or how you’re going to respond. You will face many disappointments, rejections, betrayals and many hard days. At the time of such events, I started to doubt myself. Feeling that I wasn’t good enough to get threw this but somehow I did. To me, the solution was that I told myself on the morning after these horrible or hard days was “All you have to do is show up, JUST show up”, And so I did.

As most of you all know the Egyptian market isn’t very stable. The Huge increases in prices made every single entrepreneur to rethink everything that he/she planed. It doesn’t matter what your business model was; it needs to change/improve. As if that wasn’t enough; It needed to change fast. Adaptation is a key skill you must acquire as an entrepreneur. Being able to adapt fast is something that will prove to you and the market that you are going to belong to it and that you will make it someday. The funny part is that I was afraid to adapt yet again to a wrong decision. Luckily I found out that even if you did adopt wrong it doesn’t matter you just keep debating till it works. Always remember that whatever is going in your market it is your job to adapt to the market, not the other way around.

Your Perspective is everything. The choice is yours. You can look at my past year as someone who wasted his money & time doing nothing or you can look at it as a priceless experience that money can’t buy. To me, the past year was truly an adventure. Something that You can’t describe. Each day you will learn something new. Something that you can’t read about it in any book or see any video off. You will meet many new people. Get a chance to learn from everyone. I personally have no regrets. While I still have a long way to go I’m thankful for anyone who has been part of this year. If I would leave the reader with one final world I would tell them to please just START! There is no right time there will never be. Trust me the people needs more people like you; who wants to change the world.

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