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What happened in Ramadan 2017

We’ve been waiting for the end of the yearly rigorous Media competition, the holy month Ramadan and the Ads that were launched during it.


Ramadan 2017 surprised us a little from the newly entrants (home appliances sector) to the NGOs or charity organizations. Starting from the home appliances sector, Carrier is` in the lead. Carrier’s idea was fresh, light and funny. It’s stick into people’s minds.


AdvertiseUp conducted a survey, evaluating the Media performance in Ramadan 2017, it was found that Carrier was in the lead with almost 50% over other competitors like Fresh, Tornado …etc.




The competition in the Telecommunication sector was so strong. It was close between Vodafone and Etisalat as Vodafone got 46% while Etisalat got 41%. Orange was left behind this year with only 13%.



Hospital 500 500 and Magdi Yacoub foundation have successfully grabbed people’s attention this year. The comments were praising the idea itself, how cheerful it was, the messages delivered through the Ad, the celebrities used and appreciating their donation for such a work.




Finally there was distinguished presence for EG Bank محدش بيعملك حساب, , AlAbd Sweets مش مهم مين سعد نبيهه, المهم سعدنا بيها  and Midea campaign. Those brands were frequently mentioned when respondents have named their favorite Ad in Ramadan 2017.



Ramadan is over but the competition NEVER.


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