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Great women throughout history – Part2

In the previous article we talked about women from the world’s relatively old history, old but not forgotten, old but still has its impact. And without it we wouldn’t have made it this far. And today we celebrate one of the dearest events to my heart; the International Women’s Day. So let’s continue the story of those great women.


The fight continued to gain rights and equality to men, which made it no surprise that in 1908 in New York, the United States, garment female workers protested against working conditions a scene considered as a national women’s day, the first of its kind.


In 1910 the socialists called a meeting in Copenhagen, to honor the movement for women’s rights and to build support to working women all over the world. The idea was approved by the conference of a 100 women from 17 countries.



The United Nations began celebrating International Women’s Day on 8 March during International Women’s Year 1975, which paved the way for the first female president in the world, Vigdís Finnbogadóttir.


She served as the 4th president of Iceland. With a presidency of exactly sixteen years, she also remains the longest-serving elected female head of state of any country to date. Although the Icelandic presidency is largely a ceremonial position, Vigdís took an active role as environmental activist and fought for Icelandic language and culture, acting as a cultural ambassador in promoting the country. She had as her motto: ‘Never let the women down’ and worked specifically to promote girls’ education. She was also aware of her role as a model for young women.




Let’s not forget our Arab origins, and the challenges women face every day in such a volatile region. When these thoughts come haunting me, my mind jumps quickly to one of the greatest women history and the Arab world has ever known; Queen Rania of Jordan. The queen with no royal blood yet very active and known for her work to help in the fields of education, health, community empowerment, and youth.


Of course we can’t forget her great work towards girls and women empowerment. And here are some of her quotes regarding the matter:


“Holy scripture does not hold women back. It’s the people that decide to interpret it in such a way for their own, sometimes political, agendas.”


“A woman caring for her children; a woman striving to excel in the private sector; a woman partnering with her neighbors to make their street safer; a woman running for office to improve her country – they all have something to offer,   and the more our societies empower women, the more we receive in return.”


Nowadays, some countries recognize the international women’s day as a holiday, where women are appreciated for their work and the role they play in a country’s economy and progress.


The United Nations has had themes for the day throughout the years, “women in the changing world of work: planet 50-50 by 2030” is the theme for 2017’s international women’s day.

It is still way to go until women earn their full rights and equality. Keep on fighting women! And happy International Women’s Day to all of you out there.

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