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A story about advertising



When I was a kid, ridding the car with my parents, going on some exciting place for the weekend. I would just tilt my head from the window and then I would see those giant banners, standing tall in the middle of nowhere, lonely but all shinny and sparkling no matter how dark it is or how moody the weather decided to be. And for a long while whenever someone said or mentioned the word advertising, all what would come to my mind are those lonely strong banners. A little later my list grew to include TV commercials full of kids wondering around in a beautiful green area, playing or using the newest in the market. I remember wanting all they had or used too. Of course the list goes on to include radio commercials and newspapers’ advertising sections.




But that was just about it, until recently when I came to know that there are many other methods, medias or channels where one can advertise a product or a service, especially now that technology has raided the world vastly.


This is the reason why I felt a purpose to writing about some of the different types of advertising ranging from the simplest to the complicated and how each type targets a certain goal or status.


Thinking about it, the first thing that came to my mind is social media. Anywhere you go; a numerous number of people are just wired in to their phones, tabs, or laptops, scrolling down their Facebook to check the latest on their news feed. Or they are checking for new tweets. Maybe taking some photos to post on Instagram, or just snapping photos for their friends. If this is to indicate one thing, it is that social media spreads to literally everyone in the whole world, regardless to their culture, education, or what they do in life.


This makes it a no surprise that in 2005 Facebook launched its first advertising option. The surprise was that ten years later, in 2015 social media advertising revenue was estimated to reach $8.4 billion. According to www.marketingland.com and it is nothing strange that that sum of money is in an enormous increase every day.


Today social media is a very good option for advertising and spreading a product or a service in no time, not only because it reaches everyone but also due to the advanced targeting options it provides. When anybody signs up to any social media, they provide a lot of information about their interests, studies, hobbies, as well as their age, gender, job titles, not to mention how smart these channels are these days, where the behavioral pattern of an individual is detected. All this information is used in social media advertising to target the right segment, thus the reach is accurate and specific.




Of course you have heard about websites, but how and why would that ever be relevant to advertising? Well, a website is just having your own company online available for everyone anywhere in the world to see it, check it out, and even interact with you. I remember that one time when I was looking for a certain item that I really wanted to buy and couldn’t find, then decided to look it up on the internet, and all of a sudden there is this perfect business card ever, detailed and the unique brochure that was very easy to view and get to know about all the services and products the company provided. That got me thinking that a website is a store permanent and available 24/7 all year round.


Since a website is broad and can spread easy and fast across the globe, having low barriers of entry where anyone can just pass by check it out, this way the number of potential customers is enormous. This way you have overcome the problems of time and place.


Not to mention, having a website gives you credibility and the certain status you need to put your company where it needs to be. It also enables you to have your own e-mail @whateveryouwant.com, which is more professional and easier for people to remember.




How do you feel when you are out there and someone hands you a flyer or a business card? I for one love those prints, whenever I am handed such a thing I get excited to read what’s inside. A couple of months ago I was checking out a new gym, when I reached the second floor, there was a spa. The woman there smiled, handed me a colorful brochure. I remember how excited I got, how swiftly I went through it to check their services, and I was eager to try it out. I got engaged by the brochure rather than the millions of ads online.


Although nowadays everything has gone digital, and online, and prints are as old as time, don’t be fooled thinking that prints are not effective anymore, that they are no longer important.



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