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Can you remember these Ads?!

What is the brand name that comes up to your mind once you hear the following?  What are the products or services of these Ads?





“De7lab kda De7lab”




“Howa enta fakerna hanz3al dah e7na hane3ml lololollllii fara7”




“Aboya Aboya Allah ye5rebtak 3amalt eh?!! “




“Edini el keka ya baba ana 3aiza el keka ya baba”




“Homa el 7elwiin 3alashan 7elwiin ye3mlo kdahoo! “




“Mat2om tetmen 3ala felosak? “




“Za7ma ya shahr za7ma”




“W esmo 7emo”




Based on a survey conducted, the highest respondent to figure out the brand for the above Ads, got only 55%. The ranges vary from 10% and the highest is 55%. Respondents could remember the Ad itself clearly but not the product or service. In some cases they could remember the general category for example, “It was a bank, but I can’t remember which bank.” that is exactly the purpose of advertising. Any brand go for advertising to create awareness about itself, take edge over competitors but what if the customers could remember your Ad but not you? Is that what you meant?

We can see a clear misleading in the advertising field recently as the majority of people remember the Ad but not the brand. They can remember how funny, different and catchy it was but they will not buy your product or use your service because they are not sure if it was you. Was it Orange or Etisalat? Banque Misr or NBE? Was it Danone or Juhayna?

We need to focus more on attaching the brand to our campaign, make it part of your Ad, and emphasize on it not the idea of the Ad itself. What does come up in your mind when you hear “Enta mo enta w enta ga3an?” Automatically you continue it SNICKERS. Or “Estargel” Birell. Those brands succeeded into linking their brand name to their successful campaigns or Ads as you automatically feel the one talking to you did not finish their line yet.

  • Youssef

    Nice article well done!

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  • khaled wahby

    Very nice, This is what we call in marketing “positioning error”

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      Thank you, Stay tuned.

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